Dresses to your measure​

We know that you want the best for special moments.

Our atelier is the best option when choosing your place to make the dress of your dreams come true.

We adapt the collections to your needs so that you look like a catwalk​

Made to measure brides

That you put in our hands the commitment to make your wedding dress is one of our pleasures.

We love being part of your special day.

Attending to the needs of our planet, we assume responsibility for sustainable fashion by working responsibly with our pattern making and tailoring techniques so as not to waste the textiles we use. We also work with local workshops promoting the circular economy by making each and every one of our collections by hand and not en masse, betting on slow fashion to make each of our pieces, pieces of quality and lasting over time, giving it this fashion strength and support MADE IN SPAIN.

To be able to give you the personalized attention that characterizes us, request your appointment: