Esther Noriega Collections

Esther Noriega creates timeless collections of cocktail dresses, bridesmaids and guests. Her clients stand out for being women with a marked aesthetic sense oriented towards elegance, without giving up the sophistication of the essential elements of a formal dress.

Esther Noriega’s collections are released in limited units to maintain the high standard of quality and the exclusivity of her designs, under the concept of sustainable fashion </strong> or “slow fashion”. The signature dresses are made with quality materials by the hands of local seamstresses, which guarantees that each piece is a party wardrobe staple that will be passed down from mother to daughter. In Esther Noriega’s workshop, artisanal work coexists with the latest technologies in the treatment of fabrics.

The exclusive prints are another identifying element of the firm, being present in all the collections.

A wonderful woman. An unforgettable moment. An amazing photo. An Esther Noriega dress.

Cocktail collections

Long, short or midi dresses and jumpsuits designed for any special occasion, whether attending a wedding as a bridesmaid or guest, a party or cocktail party. Regardless of the time of day or the venue, in Esther Noriega’s party collections there is a perfect dress for every moment.

Looking in the mirror before leaving for the event and feeling that you are divine, that is wearing an Esther Noriega party dress.

Wedding dress collections

Esther Noriega’s wedding dresses are custom designs made for brides who want to wear a unique and personalized design on their wedding day . Each dress is specifically made for each bride taking into account her tastes, style and measurements.

Every detail, from the choice of fabric to the trimmings and the overall design, is carefully done to meet the client’s wishes and vision. This allows the bride to express her personality and feel unique on her big day.

Choosing an wedding dress by Esther Noriega means starting an exciting process of creation and collaboration with the firm to achieve the great dream dress. Each dress test becomes a moment of magic and tears of happiness, seeing how a dress that until then had only been a dream becomes a reality.

The most special moment comes when the bride looks in the mirror before leaving on her way to say “I do” and sees her essence and her style reflected in every stitch and detail of the dress . A one-of-a-kind dress made to measure just for her.


Esther Noriega’s atelier offers an exceptional experience of custom-made party dresses. Each creation is a testament to the designer’s commitment to elegance, quality and impeccable craftsmanship.

The team at Esther Noriega’s atelier is highly qualified and works closely with each client to create an evening dress that reflects her personal style and enhance your femininity. From the selection of exquisite fabrics to the crafting of the finest details, each step is carried out with care and precision.

Choosing a custom-made party design from Esther Noriega’s atelier means having the freedom to personalize every aspect of the dress, counting on the personalized advice from the designer and her team. In this way each dress adjusts perfectly to the measurements and tastes of each woman. Every seam, every fold, every detail is done almost sculpturally to enhance the femininity of the client’s figure.

Attend an event in a custom-made dress by Esther Noriega is making a dream an unforgettable reality.