Etérea is a collection of party dresses that flees from definitions, as does fashion itself, which navigates between different trends without clinging to just one of them. Timeless, under the seal of author design and seeking to accompany different types of women. Ethereal becomes a bet for a fashion that, more than labeling, liberates.

Ruffles, volumes, big bows, puffed sleeves and flowing dresses with prints in < strong>floral motifs coexist with marked waists, defined patterns that outline the woman’s silhouette and V-necklines, some of the hallmarks that make up the identity of the signature.

White tones and prints with floral motifs evolve towards neon colours such as fluorescent yellow, intense green or fuchsia, which contrast with pale blues in fabrics ranging from crepe to the shiny mikados, muslins and taffetas, all of them in plain and also patterned versions.

In this collection, the creations of the designer are accompanied by signature jewelery from “Sagú Joyas”, which tell stories through their games with light, and which coexist with the headdresses by Ana Sant, handcrafted designs of the “Made in Spain” label in which local production and creativity result in unique pieces. The brand TheTouch puts its stamp on the capes and stoles worn by the models, in contemporary and sophisticated pieces. Gloves designed by The Brightest Eyes and footwear by C’MOI.